October 2017
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Turning even life-long unhappiness and depression into inner peace and joyful togetherness, with effective psychotherapy and couples' counseling 

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Learn to Love Yourself

January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 201 at 6:30-7:30 PM. REGISTER TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE.

Relationship in trouble? 
Too much silence?
Suffering from a trauma, or phobia?
Burnt out on therapy? 
Feeling down?


You will feel noticeably better within the first 4 sessions. Typical length of treatment is 3-6 months.


Positive Thinking • Communication Assertiveness • Relaxation • Body Awareness • Positive Self-Parenting


With the help of Autheticity Therapy© we will quickly get to the core of any and all complaints! This will empower you to make your life really work.


Sick of long-term “nodding” therapy? I offer highly collaborative and interactive treatment that builds on your strengths, to put you in charge of your own happiness.


Couples Counseling

  • Create safety in intimacy!

  • Resolve old issues quickly

  • Learn to communicate, assert, negotiate

  • Enhance your ability to listen

  • Talk so you can be heard

  • Cultivate positive connection

  • Repair and grow trust toward each other

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Couples' and Marriage Counseling

  • Communication Skills

  • Sexual issues

  • Premarital counseling

  • Conflict resolution

Family Therapy

  • Divorce/Remarriage/Blended Families

  • After the Affair

  • Parenting

Individual Therapy

  • Women

  • Weight Loss

  • Depression therapy

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Trauma (PTSD)

  • Addictions

  • Self-Esteem/Confidence

  • Self-Parenting

  • Teen issues

  • Childhood anxiety

  • Childhood Behavior

  • Grief and Loss

  • Stress Related Physical Problems

  • Anger

  • Stress Management

  • Change of Life

  • Personal Growth

  • Brief, Solution Oriented Trauma Resolution

  • Authenticity Therapy WORKSHOP

  • Authenticity Therapy Certification Training


No matter how long-lasting the problem, you will be AMAZED at how much healing can happen with psychotherapy and marriage counseling in a short time - with the right help! In my 27 years as therapist thousands of couples and individuals found their way back to each other, and to inner peace and balance. You will soon find the connection, along with your joy, and improved energy.

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Need a practical self-help book?

"Apple of my I: The Four Practices of Self-Love" offers a four-step method to:: 

• Build and maintain emotional health
• Improve your relationships
• Find your way back to your True Self! 

It is chock-full of exercises that you can start using right away, to build essential life-skills

and the readers say...

  • Apple of My I: is an exceptional l book on Healing & Self Improvement. This book provides principles from many of the Best Selling Inspirational Leaders. However, it is the only book I have read that provides EASY to understand strategies. The steps are simple to use and make so much sense. Yudit's detailed instructions are written in such a way that you feel her warmth and encouragement. BEST book on healing that I have ever read... and I've read too many to count. Without a doubt Apple of My I:should be on the BEST SELLER list.

    Beverly M.
  • I just finished this book and I am so psyched to get started with my self love plan. I already do meditation but the suggested method of self inquiry in this book takes my meditation to a whole new level. I am reminded again that I can love myself and heal. The author's tone is so loving and encouraging. I can hear her voice of kindness lingering in my heart. I feel like I have an effective new tool for tackling my emotional roadblocks in life.

    Hillary S.
  • I love this book! I find myself reading and then rereading sections as I go. I have had a lifelong interest in wholeness and have read many books, but Yudit Maros distills her insights from various areas of study and from her practice as a clinician and creates a warm, practical and clear book with protocols that give me new ways of seeing and being. I find her approach exciting for the positive insights she shares. And she does it with prose that makes the reader feel they are in the room, in conversation with her. I am sharing this book with the most important people in my life...I guess that says everything.

    Susanne M.
  • The positive focus and emphasis on empowering an individual to take control of his or her mental health make this book indispensible and timely.

  • This book is a must have for anyone who wishes to cultivate a more loving, supportive, compassionate relationship with THEMSELVES! It's a simple read filled with deep contemplations and a simple formula for manifesting greater joy and happiness in your life!

    Wendy V.

Yudit Maros Interview

 Learn about a new four-step protocol/method to ensure that you treat yourself with the attention, respect, and compassion you deserve.

Feel Better in Minutes!

A guided tour back to your Self - in case you lost your Inner Child somewhere in the shuffle! It is simple to feel better once you re-plug into your inner truths!Feel Better in Minutes!

Connect Within - Meet Your Self
Inner connection anyone? Needing to "feel like yourself" again?A quick guided tour to your Inner Self to tap into your true feelings and needs. What next? DO what you found out!

Happiness - a quick guide
IHappiness is health. Happiness is joy. Happiness is connection with your Inner Truths. Hear what I learned about this in my 26 years as a psychotherapist!

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