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Save the date! October 25-31, 2021.

Learn to Love Your Self: 

A Retreat for an Authentic Life

15 CEU’s for mental health professionals

Are your needs getting met? Whether feeling fatigued, down, anxious, or aching for a better relationship this retreat is your chance to change your life by learning to respond to your own needs. Learn from the expert on self-love, Yudit Maros, a leading psychotherapist and author of Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love. These practices are what is necessary and sufficient for positive self-parenting - the foundation of health!

You will enjoy profound replenishment and growth that will both heal and rejuvenate, while learning the most effective skills to be able to sustain the connection you created. You will receive the information of years’ worth of psychotherapy! These are the practices that constitute a life lived well, taking your yoga practice off the mat, and into the rest of your life.

In your daily workshops you will learn the practical steps to:
  1. Trust your feelings
  2. Soothe yourself
  3. Communicate clearly
  4. Take care of yourself in real-time
  5. Feel connected to yourself and others.
  6.  Use your inner guidance to live your life
Your all-inclusive retreat includes:
  • Three hours of workshops per day
  • Shuttle service to and from the airport
  • Accommodations in double rooms with private bathrooms in gorgeous Villa Copal by the sea on the Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Three delectable chef prepared meals and snacks, with your dietary restrictions in mind (minus one lunch and one dinner while on a trip)
  • Shuttles and tickets to Tulum ruins and to cenote – a deep, natural pool of crystal clear underground rain-water
  • A beach-front massage
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Free access to bikes, paddle-boards, kayaks, and snorkel gear
  • PEACE OF MIND – Ahhh…

Gift yourself with a powerful tune-up for body, mind, and soul, and gain a blueprint for how to live authentically. You will spend part of your day learning how to cultivate a new inner focus, and the other part in simple bliss by the ocean.

Cost: $1,900 - -$2,700 per person, including tax,. This does not include airfare to Cancun, Mexico.
Please let me know if you or someone you know would love to participate - space is very limited. To reserve your spot a non-refundable deposit of $200 is due by May 30, 2021. Full payment is due by July 5, 2021.

Quick reminders:
  • You will need to have a passport that stays valid for 6 months after departure;
  • Please check COVID requirements with your airline at least 5 days before departure;
  • Make sure your arrival time to Cancun airport on October 25, 2021 falls between 2 and 6 p.m. This is to ensure that you receive the free shuttle service to Copal Retreat Center.

Please include your email address. 
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DECEMBER 11, 2020, 9:30am-4:30pm. Sign up now!

Brief, Solution Oriented Trauma Resolution 

Yudit B. Maros, LMFT, C.Ht, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Therapy going around in circles? Clients agreeing with your suggestions, but not following through? The culprit is likely to be the paralyzing effect of trauma. BSOTR is the safest way to extinguish trauma from the body's memory, without the risk of re-traumatization. 

The ability to resolve trauma is a hard skill that no clinician can go without. It multiplies the effectiveness and shortens the duration of treatment. 

The majority of our clients have been traumatized, and talk therapy does not touch trauma. BSOTR is an essential skill for getting clients un-stuck from the paralysis caused by any kind of trauma (including childhood abuse and neglect). 

Traumatized clients are unable to learn and practice new, healthy thinking and behavior, which manifests in lengthy, frustrating therapy that goes around in circles. BSOTR is a one-to-two session powerful intervention that extinguishes trauma on the somatic level, clearing the way for new cognitive and behavioral learning. Thus, resolving trauma is the foundation for establishing healthy self-parenting. This workshop is a pre-requisite for the Authenticity Therapy Certification Training.

In this skill-building workshop, you will learn an invaluable skill to erase the effects of trauma from the body's memory (flashbacks, nightmares, repetition compulsion, startle reaction) in just a few sessions. This healing method opens the way for learning - and practicing - new coping mechanisms - and the world ceases to be a field of triggers. 
In this workshop, you will learn how to: 
  • Assess appropriately for trauma
  • Create a Resource State
  • Replace traumatic memories and body programming with a positive alternative.

BSOTR can be used with children, and it also can be incorporated into the process of couple's therapy, where the process is stuck due to one or both partners' history of trauma. 

In this intensive skill-building workshop you will learn from:
  • Prezi (a visually enticing and fun presentation tool!)
  • Videos with actual clients
  • Practice, and 
  • Q+A. 

You will receive the written protocol for this method, and a Certificate in Brief, Solution Oriented Trauma Resolution. 
6.5 CEU's for LMFT's, LPC's, LCSW's, LMSW's, and Psychologists 
Date:   December 11, 2020
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Zoom

Please include your email address, and your title when you pay. You will receive an email with the link to the webinar upon completing your registration.

  • Excellent training, a new tool that will help a lot of my clients and will allow me to build a stronger practice that focuses on trauma" Ingrid Rodriguez, Ph.D. "Very informative, thorough and clean delivery of information. Best workshop ever!" Nadine Oliveri, LMFT "BSOTR was the first training I took when I began my private practice. I realized I needed one of the new, effective styles of trauma treatments, as none of these systems is taught in depth in school. The cost of the class was affordable (especially when compared with other trainings!), and I learned everything I needed to know to begin using this treatment in just one day. I've been using it three years now, and have found it to be not only effective, but incredibly versatile. My clients have reported no longer being troubled by traumatic memories, though they are not forgotten. One client even remarked "when I think about that memory, I no longer see myself in it!" I highly recommend this training, and it's trainer!" Briana Benn-Mirandi, CLAT; AT-R, BC; LPC; TRD

Authenticity Therapy© Certification Training  

26 CEU’s for LMFT's, LPC's, LCSW's, LMSW's, and Licensed Psychologists 

As presented at Harvard’s Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy

Do you feel you’ve got the “Big Picture”?

Expand and deepen your conceptual framework

Do you have enough structure in your treatment of clients?

Re-focus, and streamline your work with the incisiveness of the Authenticity© Protocol

Do you LOVE yourself?

Experience the power and healing in Authenticity© Therapy, while expanding your capacity for self-love and compassion

Are you trauma competent?

Learn the quickest and most effective method to extinguish body memory of trauma

The Authenticity Therapy© Certification Training is the most comprehensive, streamlined, and cost-effective training for clinical excellence. Authenticity Therapy© is a cutting edge four-step protocol for lowering reactivity to stress and for compassionate self-parenting. It reaches to the core, the emotional truths behind the content, and offers the tools for responsive – i.e. non-reactive – functioning. As an innovative, body-centered framework to treatment, it shortens the duration of psychotherapy by streamlining it into the factors that define mental and emotional health. 

The four steps involved form an intertwining, self-reinforcing upward cycle of ever-improving functioning, thus ensuring progress from session to session. Authenticity© Therapy is a new synthesis and integration of Eastern and Western approaches to mental health, and of the most effective treatments to date. As a framework, it can be used in combination with any treatment modality. 

Authenticity Therapy© fosters an internal locus of control, self-agency, and responsiveness (as opposed to reactivity) to stress. Because relationships are defined, by extension, by the self-parenting style we are using AT is highly applicable to the treatment of couples and families.

This workshop will help you to:
  • streamline your work;
  • ensure progress from session to session;
  • shorten the duration of treatment by significantly boosting its effectiveness;
  • earn a solid trauma resolution skill;
  • love yourself and thus expand your clients’ healing potential.

You will learn the steps and techniques involved in establishing and maintaining exquisite self-parenting from Prezi, discussions, and video demonstrations with actual clients. Experiential learning will enhance your relationship to your Self, the foundation for doing therapy effectively and sustainably.

In this training you will receive:
  1. The philosophy and tenets underlying Authenticity Therapy©; 
  2. AT's assessment method along the lines of the Authenticity Scale© 
  3. The tools and skills entailed in treating clients with this modality; 
  4. The protocol for the six-week Self-Love Clinic to offer to your clients; 
  5. A full-day training in Brief, Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution, the most effective method to extinguish body memory of trauma in only one or two sessions; 
  6.  The experience of the power of this method, which will heal your relationship with yourself, and expand your capacity for awareness of yourself and of your clients; 
  7. Four group supervision sessions following the training; 
  8. A copy of Yudit Maros’ book Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love; 
  9. Certifications in both Authenticity Therapy © and Brief, Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution. 
  10. CONFIDENCE in your clinical abilities! 
LOCATION: Center for Authentic Living
100 B Danbury Road, Suite 203 A
Ridgefield, CT 06877
PRESENTER: Yudt Maros LMFT, C.Ht, and an AAMFT approved supervisor

Refreshments and snacks will be served. 
Lunch is on your own.
Authenticity Therapy Certification Training

Learn to Love Yourself!

 A six-week workshop to learn and practice the four main skills than ensure each day will be the best it can be. Based on research, the Authenticity Method goes to the very core of mental, emotional, physical and relationship health. You will learn how to pay attention to your inner voice, and accept it; how to calm yourself down in the midst of the turmoil called Life; how to communicate with your Inner Self about your true feelings and needs; and how to deliver to the promise to take care of yourself. This is positive self-parenting at its best, which is the foundation of all that we ever dream of: inner peace, balance, fulfilling relationships, and activities. Based on Yudit Maros's book Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love. 

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Love Yourself

Authenticity Therapy Workshop

Authenticity Therapy is a new synthesis of the most effective methods in psychotherapy, streamlined and organized into a four-step (ABCD) framework and treatment protocol that goes to the core of clinical competency. A healthy relationship to Self, the ability to self-parent is at the foundation of health. Authenticity Therapy is a body-centered method for healing clients' relationship to their Selves through positive self-parenting. 

Because relationships are defined, by extension, by the self-parenting style we are using AT is highly applicable to the treatment of couples and families: systems manifest the same style of communication that their members use with themselves. The healing of a system follows the pattern of the healing of the primordial relationship to Self. 

This workshop will help you to streamline your work, ensure progress from session to session, and shorten the duration of treatment by boosting its effectiveness.

In this workshop, you will learn the steps and techniques involved in establishing and maintaining exquisite self-parenting. You will learn with Prezi (the most cutting edge - and fun! - visual aid in learning) discussion, experience, and video demonstration with actual clients. This workshop is a prerequisite for the three-day Authenticity Therapy Certification Training. 

  • This training has been an influential part of my shift in focus in my personal and professional life toward more self-awareness and better living" "Very clear, precise, step-by-step process to zero in on feelings and needs" "So creative, fresh and useful!"
6.5 CEU's for LMFT's, LPC's, LCSW's, LMSW, and Licensed Psychologist 
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Refreshments and snacks will be served. 
Lunch is on your own.
3 CEU's for LMFT's, LPC's, LCSW's, LMSW, and Licensed Psychologist
Date: TBD

The Authentic Therapist Workshop 

6.5 CEU's 

Would you like to spend a day with awesome professional growth, while giving yourself loving, compassionate attention – the one you give to others day in and day out? We, as clinicians cannot overstep our shadows: we can only offer as much hope and help as we give to our own Selves. Our work can only reach to where we have grown, and we can only see and value qualities that we already cultivate in our relationship to our own Selves. This self-of-the-therapist workshop offers a leading-edge four-step approach to assessing the state of the therapist’s relationship to her/his Self, or Inner Child, and a practical protocol to heal it, if need be. 

This modality is an application of Authenticity Therapy, a new synthesis in psychotherapy that streamlines and shortens the duration of treatment by providing a laser precision tool to zero in on the client’s relationship to his or her Self, and a replicable and reliable way to heal it. This matters because the quality of that relationship is what defines a person’s level of health, whether physical, mental, emotional or relational. 

This is an experiential workshop with specific guidance for introspection, self-evaluation and for resolution of any internal conflicts. It is based on Yudit Maros LMFT’s research and resulting book “Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love” (available for purchase at the workshop)
Location: TBD
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Fee: $175
Authentic Therapist